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I retired recently (May 2003) from 33 years in the oilfield service and supply industry in the UK and Houston with a variety of companies, most recently with Weatherford, a multi-billion dollar oilfield service and supply company, one of the 5 largest in the world. My last Weatherford assignment, approximately the last 3 years, was as Director of e-Commerce in their corporate office, where amongst many projects I was the lead in their parts legacy data engineering project, towards a global PLM/ERP implementation.

I am now based in North Wales and am a member of the Executive Committee of PIDX Europe, a part of API, the global Oil & Gas Industry standards body, and am also active in a number of European Commission workgroups (CEN/ISSS) on e-Commerce based standards harmonisation. I am also the consulting European Representative for OFS Portal, the not-for profit upstream Oil & Gas suppliers based eCommerce publication organisation, where I served on its board from inception until April 2003.

I also advise / consult to a number of small companies in business development and sales who are in the product data cleansing and product data classification arenas.


  • Concepts for Data Cleansing and Product Data Classification;
  • e-Commerce Strategy Development; Business rules for e-Commerce;
  • Enterprise Business Development Planning; Knowledge Management

Former Projects

  • SILAE [Oct 2003 - Mar 2007] (Project Consultant)


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