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Dr. Chris Bowerman

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Chris Bowerman's expertise lies in the overlapping areas of e-learning; useable, effective, fixed and mobile delivery platforms; learning object discovery via information retrieval and social and mobile computing.

This extends back to the early 1990s with funding to develop and run 2 telematic (internet-based) modules in AI and NLP internally and two externally funded EU telematic education projects using internet and satellite technology. He also developed training links with European Telecoms Informatics Services delivering part of a training course for senior telco. managers in around 1996.

His interests in CAL merged with the developments in e-learning and the need to develop standardized yet flexible content repositories which has led to an interest is using information retrieval techniques to access the stored material and customize it for the learner.

He has been submitted for RAE 2008, has published around 22 papers in the Internet Technology area, most recently in the major journal for this area (CALL Journal). Chris is also on the editorial board of the CALL Journal as well as the international Journal of Web-Based Communities. He was invited by the International Journal of Continuing Education & Lifelong learning to edit a special issue on Engineering Education , reviews papers for HCI, the Journal of Natural Language Engineering and convenes BSI's panel on support for e-learning (IST/43/2).


Research Interests

  • Application of Technology to Support Online Learners
  • Artificial intelligence