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Institution of Analysts and Programmers (IAP)

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The Institution of Analysts and Programmers (IAP) is Britain's leading professional organisation for people who work in the development, installation and testing of business systems and computer software. People join the IAP principally for the prestige and privilege of associating with some of the leading professionals in this sector of the industry, and can also take advantage of the practical benefits that IAP membership can provide.

The IAP was founded some 30 years ago, but since 1993 it has been a Company Limited by Guarantee owned by its members. As such it is bound by a written Constitution, which, among other things, sets out the Company's aims and objectives. These are to:

  • assist men and women to advance in the profession of computer analyst and programmer, and to secure public recognition of their professional status
  • facilitate the advancement and spreading of knowledge within the profession
  • promote high standards of competence and conduct
  • provide a means for measuring professional competence
  • encourage members to develop their skills and progress their careers
  • help members protect themselves against liabilities arising in the exercise of their profession
  • assist members who are seeking employment
  • provide opportunities for members to meet

Visit the IAP web site for further information on the IAP.